Michelle Lewin Hot Female Fitness Model

Michelle Lewin

Born: February 25, 1986 (age 32 years), Maracay, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 4"
Nationality: Venezuelan
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WEIGHT: 125lbs (57 kg)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Spouse: Jimmy Lewin
Born Name: Michelle Lewin
Nick Name: La Cuerpa

Who is Michelle Lewin?

Michelle Lewin is a Professional IFBB Bikini competitor, NPC Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model and Bodybuilder, born on February 25, 1986 in Maracay, Valenzuela. Her sign is Pisces and she currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida. Michelle is 5ft 4in tall (162.56cm), weighs approx. 125 to 135 lbs. (56.7 - 61.2kg), and has a 25in waist (63cm).

Early life of Michelle Lewin

Michelle was a skinny little girl next door who grew up with a single mom, that never knew who her father was and experienced teasing and bulling in her younger years of school. When her step father left her mom, she had to deal with having very little food and money for her and her mother. This however, pushed Michelle to work very hard at a very young age. During this time of poverty, she lost even more weight and forced her to cover an even more skinny body with baggy clothes in her teens.

She started going to the gym with her mother at the age of 17. She weighed about 85 lbs. at this time. The gym turned Michelle's life around. She started going more and more often, working out harder and harder each day, as she saw the continued results in the mirror.

Michelle Lewin met her now husband Jimmy Lewin (a Swedish Bodybuilder) in 2008, while working out in the gym. He took his then girlfriend under is wing and trained her to get an even better physique. They were married two years later in 2010. After some time, Michelle and Jimmy went to Europe to look for opportunities in fashion modeling for her. She was told that she did not have much of a chance in the fashion industry, because she was so short. They also tried Barcelona, Spain, London, England and Milan, Italy.

During their travels, some friend recommended that they go to Miami, Florida. Michelle and Jimmy moved there in 2012. Soon after arriving there, some other friends recommended that she compete in the 2013 NPC Mid Florida Bodybuilding Championship. She came in last place, but that motivated her to work harder than ever. In 2014 Michelle competed in five IFBB competitions and won several them, including the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup. Michelle begin to get approached by fitness and fashion photographers. She also was a spokes model for several large fitness companies. She later was a cover model for several magazines like: 'Playboy', 'Oxygen', 'Muscle & Fitness' and 'Inside Fitness'.

Michelle Lewin's Net Worth

Michelle Lewin has an approximate net worth of 3 million including all real estate and earnings. Michelle's earnings include proceeds from a royalty from her book, sales from her clothing line and supplements, personal training of several celebrities, social media royalties, magazine modeling and personal appearances.

Michelle's Current Events

Michelle Lewin Bitten on the Butt by a FERAL Pig in the Bahamas

Michelle was bitten on the left buttocks by a feral pig, while vacationing and doing a bikini photo shoot on the beach of Big Major Clay Island. She screamed and ran from the other feral pigs that were in pursuit. Michelle refused medical treatment since the bite did not break the skin. This event has received over 6 million views.

In September 2020, Michelle's husband Jimmy Lewin was admitted to Intensive Care in critical condition, for acute Heart and liver failure with ascending aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection. The cause is still unknown. They think it may be linked to a bout with Covid-19, six weeks earlier. In a social media post, Michelle informed that Jimmy Lewin was recovering and doing better. They are hopeful that the cause can be located, to prevent further medical complications.

Michelle's Choice of Supplements

Most of the professional fitness models, personal trainers, bodybuilders, etc., have used or are currently using one or more supplements. There are thousands of supplements on the market and more being created all the time. The best way to choose the supplement that is right for you, is to do research and also trial and error. Michelle Lewin's supplements of choice are: Base Burn (a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressant produced by Base LLC.), Pro Amino, Big Blend, and Fulldose. These supplements provide some additional nutrients to assist Michelle fill any deficits in her diet plan.

Michelle's Clothing Line
Michelle's Clothing Line
Michelle lewin and Jimmy Lewin
Michelle's Husband Jimmy Lewin
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Michelle's Career

Michelle has acquired a huge social media following. Her following has over 10 million Instagram followers, over 400,000 twitter followers, over 200,000 you subscribers and over 8 million Facebook likes. She has also excelled as a fitness competitor.

Bikini Competitions History
Magazine Covers Featuring Michelle Lewin
Oxygen Magazine (March 2016)
Oxygen Magazine Cover Featuring Michelle Lewin

Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine (April 2014)
Muscle Fitness Hers Featuring Michelle Lewin

Women's Health Magazine (Mexico) (June 2018)
Women's Health Featuring Michelle Lewin

IRONMAN Magazine (JULY 2015)

Nine 5 Four Magazine Featuring Michelle Lewin

Most Magazine Featuring Michelle Lewin on the Cover October, 2015 Issue #7

DSS Magazine Cover [Spain] (September 2012)
DSS Magazine featuring Michelle Lewin on the cover September, 2012 - Spain

Playboy Magazine Cover [Venezuela]
Playboy Magazine Venezuela featuring Michelle Lewin on the Cover

Sports & Fitness (2014 Buyers Guide)
Sports & Fitness Magazine featuring Michelle lewin on the cover 2014 Buyers Guide

M! Magazine (2011)
M! Magazine featuring Michelle Lewin on the cover

Personal Trainers

Magazine Covers Continued:
Michelle's Modeling Preferences

She like to model in booty shorts or micro bikinis, she thinks nude modeling is not necessary.

Photos of Michelle Lewin
Michelle Lewin wearing a black mini skirt and croptop with high heels.
A Night On The Town
Michelle Lewin wearing blue stripped booty shorts, grey t-shirt and glasses.
Fitness Model In The Making
Michelle Lewin wearing orange short shorts, grey croptop and glasses.
Posting On Twitter
Michelle Lewin wearing a red micro thong bikini swimsuit.
Red Micro Thong Bikini Swimsuit
Michelle Lewin wearing a white miro thong bikini swimsuit.
Photo Shoot At The Beach
Michelle Lewin topless in blue jean thong shorts.
Having A Sexy Day
Michelle Lewin wearing pinks bikini top, white shorts and rollerblades.
Rollerblading on the beach
Michelle Lewin wearing blue short short booty shorts and white bikini top.
The Body (La Cuerpa)
Michelle Lewin wearing gold and black micro g-string bikini swimsuit.
Michelle Enjoying the Ocean
Michelle Lewin wearing white short shorts and grey long sleve sweater.
Casual Day
Michelle Lewin's Workouts

MONDAY: Back and Biceps Workout

TUESDAY: Hamstrings and Calves Workout

WEDNESDAY: Triceps and Shoulders Workout



SATURDAY: Abdominals


Venezuelian fitness model Maria Villalba from Venezula


Born: DECEMBER 4,1991 (age 28 years), Caracas, Venezuela
HEIGHT: 5′ 9"
Nationality: Venezuelan

Maria Villalba also known as Maria Cecelia Villalba, is a Venezuelan fitness model, personal trainer and social media sensation from Caracas, Venezuela. She began her fitness journey when she grew unhappy with her appearance in 2011, at the age of twenty. Maria decided at that time, to join a gym and start training. She committed to an intense weight training for five years to achieve the physique of her dreams. A large portion of Maria's workouts focused on her building glutes and legs, which is now known for. She posted photos and videos on social media during her fitness journey, which attracted much attention as she achieved her awesome physique. This motivated Maria to want to help others to achieve their fitness goals. So, she begins to study for her certification to become a fitness coach. Which she earned on June 25, 2016. It was at this point, Maria's launched her website and started offering her fitness services to the masses.

Vietnamese fitness model Yen Nguyen fron Tampa, Florida, United States


Born: December 27, 1993 (age 26 years), Venezuela, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: AMERICAN - Venezuelan

Mia Francis is a Venezuelan fitness model, gamer, content creator and Instagram Star from Venezuela. She gained her fame by posting sexy photos and videos on Instagram. Mia is also a Fortnite gamer which she streams on Twitch. She has also acquired quite a following by posting exclusive content on OnlyFans. Mia has more than 744,000 followers on Instagram.

Fitness model Ariana James from Venezuela


Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: Venezuelan

Ariana James is a fitness and bikini model from Venezuela. She gained her fame by posting fitness-oriented photos and videos on social media. She was born with medical condition called hypothyroidism. This condition causes weight gain, poor immune system, periods of extreme fatigue and some other serious symptoms. Ariana does not let this medical condition interfere with her goals. She has a strict gym workout regiment, that requires her to work out six times a week regardless of how she feels. Ariana's hard work and dedication, has allowed her to build an impressive physique and reach her fitness goals.

Michi Marin fitness model and social media star from Venezuela


Nationality: Venezuelan

Michi Marin is a Venezuelan model and social media star from Venezuela. She is known for posting swimwear photos and videos as well as other modeling photos with beach backgrounds. Some of her choices of travel locations are New York, Florida and the Dominican Republic.

Daniela Guerrero is a Venezuela fitness model from Venezuela


Height: 5′ 9"
Nationality: Venezuelan

Daniela Guerrerro is a Venezuelan fitness model, Instagram Star and Evogen Athlete. She began posting on social media in August, 2013. Daniela is known for posting her ripped fitness model and workout techniques photos and videos on Instagram. She is also known for placing in the top five Wellness Olympia amateur athletes and winning the Overall Bikini NPC Competition in 2017.

Fitness model and actress Luisana Zambrano

6.Luisana Zambrano

Born: UNKNOWN, 1990 (AGE 26 YEARS), San Cristobal, VENEZUELA
Nationality: Venezuelan

Luisana Zambrano is a well-known fitness model, actress and dancer from Cristobal, Venezuela. She has always practiced dance and has been a gym lover her whole life. Luisana maintains a well-balanced diet and also practices boxing for a change of pace. She began her modeling career at the age of 19, after moving to Panama to seek better modeling opportunities. There she modeled for corporate brand events, corporate advertising and commercials. She was also a part of the Champions League Tour. Luisana has appeared in multiple television productions such as "The Pilot2", "False Identity" from Netflix, "Lord of the skies" and "Beauty and the beast". She says that having her daughter at the age of 18, was and is her biggest motivation. Luisana currently resides in Mexico.

Dani Munoz also known as Danniella is fitness model

7.Dani Muñoz

Born: August 12, 1996 (AGE 24 YEARS), VENEZUELA, VENEZUELA
Height: 3′ 11"
Nationality: Venezuelan

Dani Muñoz also known as Dannella Munoz, is fitness model, fitness instructor and Instagram Star from Venezuela. She began sharing her fitness related photos an videos in June,2014. Dani now has her website, where she offers different workout challenges, full body gym plans and lower body focused workouts for her followers. She has over 500,000 followers currently on Instagram.

Venezuelan fitness model Vanessa Bohorquez from Maracaibo, Venezuela

8.Vanessa Bohórquez

Born: July 2, 1990 (AGE 31 YEARS), Maracaibo, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 6"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Vanessa Bohórquez

Venessa Bohorquez is a Venezuelan fitness model, entrepreneur and social media icon, from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is famous for posting skimpy bikinis, lingerie and other alluring outfits on her social media accounts. Her curvy physique has earned her an Instagram following of more than 2.5 million. She began her modeling career, when she started posting photos and videos on Instagram in July, 2014.

9.Shannon De Lima

Born: January 6, 1989 (AGE 32 YEARS), Venezuela, SOUTH AMERICA
Height: 5′ 9"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Shannon De Lima

Shannon de Lima is a Venezuelan model, fashion model and fashion designer, from Venezuela. She is famous for being the first runner up in the Miss Earth Venezuela pageant, also known as the "Sambil Models Caracas", in 2005. Shannon has also made appearances in the television series, "Mia Gorda Bella" and graced the covers of magazines like "OK!", "Spaced Out", "US", "Living & Travel", "People", "The Sun", "World Stars", "Motherhood In-Style", "ETCanada" and "TV Guide".

Venezuelan fitness model Rosmeri Marval from Los Teques, Venezuela

10.Rosmeri Marval

Born: December 18, 1991 (AGE 30 YEARS), Los Teques, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 7"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Rosmeri Marval

Rosmeri Marval also known as Rosmeri Karina Marval Diaz, is a Venezuelan model and television actress from Los Teques, Venezuela. She is famous for appearances on Venezuelan telenovelas, omos tú y yo, NPS: No puede ser, NPS: No puede ser, Amor secreto, Entre tu amor y mi amor, El Bronx, Bolívar and La Nocturna. Rosmeri's popularity has earned a her an Instagram following of more than 5.3 million.

Venezuelan fitness model Osmariel Villalobos from Maracaibo, venezuela

11.Osmariel Villalobos

Born: August 2, 1988 (AGE 32 YEARS), Maracaibo, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 8.5"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Osmariel Villalobos

Osmariel Villalobos is a Venezuelan model, entrepreneur, television host and pageant contestant, from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is known for winning the 2011, Miss Earth Venezuela pageant, and in 2012, winning the Miss Earth pageant in the Philippines. She also won 2nd runner-up in the Miss Photogenic Awards. Osmariel has been featured in magazines like US, OK, Couleurz, Sambil, Glittermagrocks, People and Life and Style. She works as a host on Venevision's morning show, Portada. Prior to pursuing her modeling career, Osmariel studied audio-visual, communications and journalism, at the University of Zulia. She has also earned a very large Instagram following of more than 3.5 million.

Venezuelan fitness model Kerly Ruiz from Caracas, Venezuela

12.Kerly Ruiz

Born: October 6, 1985 (AGE 36 YEARS), Caracas, Venezuela
Height: UNKNOWN"
Nationality: Venezuelan

Kerly is a Venezuelan model, actress, television presenter and entertainer, from Caracas, Venezuela. She began her career at the young age of seven. Kerly parents entered her into the children's program "Hay Que Oir a Los Ninos". She also studied modeling, dance and music. Kerly later attended Colegio Nuestra de la Candelaria and earned a Bachelor's of Humanities. By the age of twenty, she had become the face of the Los Angeles Lakers, been chosen to be the presenter for Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Maja International. Kerly made several television appearances on "Mi Gorda Bella", "Juana La Virgen", "Negra Consentida" and "Trapas Intimos" and "Aji Picante". She also appeared in telenovelas such as; "Natalia of the Sea" and "My ex has me win". Kerly's popularity has earned a her a substantial social media following on Instagram of 4.3 million.

Venezuelan fitness model Marjorie de Sousa from San Pedro parish, Caracas, Venezuela

13.Marjorie de Sousa

Born: April 23, 1980 (AGE 41 YEARS), San Pedro Parish, Caracas, Venezuela
Height: 5′ 9"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Marjorie de Sousa

Marjorie de Sousa also known as Marjorie Lissette de Sousa Rivas, is a Venezuelan model, pageant contestant and actress from San Pedeo Parish, Caracas, Venezuela. She began her modeling and acting career at the young age of twelve. Marjorie competed in the Miss Venezuela pageant at the age of nineteen and appeared in her first telenovela at the age of twenty. That telenovela was "Amantes de luna llena". This led to her appearing in a multitude of Venezuelan and Mexican telenovels such as; "Guerra de mujeres", "Gata Salvaje", "Mariana de la Noche", "Rebeca", "Ser bonita no basta", "Y los declaro marido y mujer", "Amor comprado", "Pecadora", "Sacrificio de mujer", "Corazón apasionado", "Amores verdaderos", "Hasta el fin del mundo", "After Hasta el fin del mundo", "Sueño de amor" and "Al otro lado del muro". Marjorie also appeared in the films "Sin compromiso", "Juan Apóstol", "el más amado Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo" and "Duelos de pasarela y soltera". Her popularity on her social media accounts, has grown tremendously. Marjorie has an Instagram following of over 6.8 million.

Venezuelan fitness model Paula Bevilacqua from Caracas, Venezuela

14.Paula Bevilacqua

Born: July 13, 1980 (AGE 41 YEARS), Caracas , Venezuela
Height: UNKNOWN"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Paula Bevilacqua

Paula Bevilacqua also known as Paula Bevilacqua de Lander, is a Venezuelan model and actress from Caracas, Venezuela. She began her modeling career after appearing in commercials for Chinotto, Hit and Digitel. This open the opportunity for her to appear in the telenovelas, "La Invasora", "Woman with pants", "The mysteries of love", "El despcio", on the RCTV Network. Paula moved on the work for Venevision. There she appeared in telenovelas like; "Although they pay badly", "Chao Cristina", "Harina de otro costal", "Nora", "The virgin of the street", "La viuda" and "The Whole Life". Paula has acquired an Instagram following of more than 1.8 million.

Venezuelan fitness model Monica Pasqualotto from  Caracas, Venezuela

15.Mónica Pasqualotto

Born: October 15, 1974 (AGE 47 YEARS), Caracas , Venezuela
Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Mónica Pasqualotto

Monica Pasqualotto is a Venezuelan model, actress and radio host, from Caracas, Venezuela. She is famous for her appearances in soap operas, several films and television series. She appeared in "Noticiero UCAB 7D": "Ancla, A tiempo", "La llaman Mariamor", "Ticket", "Magazine Marte TV", "Que bien te ves", "Loco Video Loco", "Mariú, A Calzon Quitao", "Trucos de la Mágia", "Tropa de Vacaciones", "Son las Tres", "Date Express", "Negra Consentida", "Antesala Premier" "Chupacabras" and "La Cuaima", "Lolas y Lolos", "La Dama de la Televisión", "Coge el Hilo", "Red Carpet", "A mi me gusta", "Mujer de Mundo" , "El que sabe", "Arroz con Leche", "Los Misterios del Amor", "Vuelve a mi", "Una Maid en Manhattan", "Maid en Manhattan", "Arrancame la vida", "AQP", and "TN3". Monica's social media presence has also grown with her career. She has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Venezuelan fitness model Dayana Mendoza from Caracas, Venezuela

16.Dayana Mendoza

Born: June 1, 1986 (AGE 35 YEARS), Caracas , Venezuela
Height: 5′ 9"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza also known Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada is a Venezuelan model, actress, director, pageant winner and film producer, from Caracas, Venezuela. She is famous for Miss Universe and Miss Venezuela. She is an international model. Dayana has modeled in New York City, Spain, Germany, Greece, France and Italy, for companies like; Versace, Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli and Costume National. Prior to pursuing a modeling career, Dayana attended the New York Film Academy and studied cinema and acting. She has also acquired more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Venezuelan fitness model Caterina Valentino from Caracas, Venezuela

17.Caterina Valentino

Born: February 6, 1976 (AGE 45 YEARS), Caracas , Venezuela
Height: 5′ 7"
Nationality: Venezuelan
CONNECT WITH Caterina Valentino

Caterina Valentino is a Venezuela model, radio host and television actress from Caracas, Venezuela. She began her television career as a music video promoter for the Venezuelan television station, Puma Television. Her next employment venture was for RCTV, presenting a youth program on Radio Caracas Televisión. Caterina hosted the reality show, "Sudando La Gota Gorda". She later hosted, "E! VIP Caracas". Her next venture was ¿Hay Corazón?. The particular program was eventually cancelled due to questionable content that did not meet television guidelines. Caterina moved on the telenovelas, since last show on E! caused her to have some security risks. She is also very popular on social media, since she has more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram.


Hot Brazilian Fitness Model Fernanda D'avila from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Born: AUGUST 23, 1987 (age 32 years), RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL
Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: BRAZILIAN

Fernanda D'avila is a Brazilian fitness model and social media personality from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She was bullied during her childhood, which motivated her to get into working out. By the time she was 20 she had built an awesome physique. Which led to her becoming a famous dancer on a popular television show in Brazil. In 2016 Fernanda had become a world-renowned fitness icon with over a million followers on Instagram.

Colombian model Sandra Valencia from Bogota, Colombia


Born: DECEMBER 28, 1987 (age 32 years), Medellín, Colombia
Height: 5′ 8"
Nationality: COLOMBIAN

Sandra Valencia also known as Sandra Lorena Valencia is a fashion model and social media influencer. She has modeled at events featuring Onda de Mar, Leonisa, Diesel, Chevignon, Americanino and many more. Sandra was one of the models of Leonisa Fashion Week in Ecuador and the face of Besame lingerie catalog. She is one of the most wealthy fashion models in Colombia.

Hot Finess Model and Bodybuilder Kessia Mirellys


Born: APRIL 5, 1990 (age 28 years), Humacao, Puerto Rico,
Height: 4′ 11"
Nationality: Puerto Rican

Kessia Mirellys Rivera, is a fitness model and competitive bodybuilder and Social Media Diva. Kessia's impressive physique has gained her a massive online following that motivates her to do more.

Being of P Rican Decent, she sports a physique of muscular leg muscles and a ripped upper body that thousands want to emulate. In the beginning her workout consisted of push-ups, pull-ups, chest press and squats. Kessia Mirelly has modified her training style after spending some time around professional trainers. Kessia continues to motivate the world with her great physique.


Born: MAY 9, 1989 (age 29 years), MIAMI, FLORIDA
Height: 5′ 0"

Marisso Rivero, is a fitness model, IFBB bikini competitor and bodybuilder from Miami, Florida. Her interest in fitness started with dance, while attending high school. Marissa's Rivero father was very active in the gym and was always in awesome shape. He passed this on to Marissa and her brother. She had been told going to the gym improved your mood, so one day she tried a class in the gym. She now has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and is continuing a career in competitive bodybuilding.


Born: July 14, 1984 (age 34 years), Managua, Nicaragua, Central America
Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: Nicaraguan

Dolly Castro, a Nicaraguan born fitness model, actress, clothing designer and social media success, with one of the sexiest physiques online. Her exotic sex appeal is one the reasons for her success. She grew up in a small tropical country in Central America with her family. Dolly initially wanted to be a chef but, due to her family's strict religious values and high education standards, she could not choose that as a profession. Dolly later graduated with a degree in law.

Dolly Castro has never practiced law not one day of her life. Soon after college she gave birth to her daughter (Karen) and that changed everything. The birth of her daughter gave her the will to want to become a role model to others. She felt that being a famous model would give her more influence than being a lawyer. So, with the support of her family, Dolly moved to Miami, Florida and soon became a famous model.

Hot International Fitness Model Yovanna Ventura from Miami, Florida United States


Born: NOVEMBER 24, 1995 (age 24 years), MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES
Height: 5′ 9"
Nationality: AMERICAN

Yovanna Ventura is an American fitness model and social media fitness influencer of Spanish descent. She is a full-time social media personality, posting sexy selfies of herself and workout related videos featuring health and fitness tips. Yovanna started her fitness career at the age of eighteen in 2014, while still attending high school. She was a natural in front of the camera. Her sexy selfies got her a lot of attention. Yovanna's Instagram followers rose to over 200,000 very quickly. Her modeling career got a big boost when she modeled for Kanye West's Yeezy's Season 3 fashion show.

Yovanna Ventura was featured GQ Australian Men's Magazine for Instagram Girl of the Week, in 2016. She is currently signed with Women 360 Management New York Modeling and Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles and Ukraine.

Hot International Fitness Model Lais DeLeon


Born: SEPTEMBER 13, 1987 (age 30 years), SAN PAULO, BRAZIL
Height: 5′ 3"
Nationality: BRAZILIAN

Lais DeLeon is fitness model and Instagram Star from San Paulo, Brazil. She started her fitness career at the age on nineteen. In 2006, she began to experiment with weightlifting to sculpt a curvy physique. Lais was approached by a modeling agency and recruited. Lais DeLeon's new modeling career motivated her to work out even more to achieve her amazing physique.

Hot International Fitness Model Diana Ruiz From Cuba


Born: AUGUST 8, 1992 (AGE 27 YEARS), CUBA, CUBA
Height: 5′ 4"
Nationality: CUBAN

Diana Ruiz is a Cuban fitness model, sponsored fitness athlete and personal trainer. She moved to Miami, Florida at the age of four. Diana had low self-esteem during high school due to her skinny physique. She was bullied and ridiculed. The negativity surrounding her, led to heavy partying and having a poor diet. Diana eventually ended up in the hospital. This was a wakeup call. Diana decided to get into fitness to clean up her life. She gained confidence during journey to become a personal trainer giving her a chance to have a job she loved.

Fitness gave her an opportunity to surround herself with positivity that she wanted to share with the rest of the world.

Hot Fitness Model Carol Saraiva from Florianopolis, San Catarina, Brazil


Born: AUGUST 1, 1985 (age 34 years), Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, BRAZIL
Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: BRAZILIAN

Carol Saraiva is a fitness model, IFBB Bikini Pro and personal trainer from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She was very active until the age of twelve. Carol would sustain a lot of physical injuries until she visited a doctor and was instructed to train with weights to strengthen her joints and muscles. As time passed, she developed a strong toned body. She also acquired a love for fitness and working out. Carol Saraiva has built a successful career in fitness today with more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Hot Brazilian Fitness Model Rebecca Ferrari from Belem, Brazil


Born: UNKNOWN, 1988 (AGE 32 YEARS), Belém, Brazil
Height: 5′ 1"
Nationality: BRAZILIAN

Rebecca Ferrari is a Brazilian fitness model and bikini athlete from Belem, Brazil. She began her fitness journey at young age. She played volleyball and soccer during her childhood. She started lifting weights in a gym at the age of sixteen. Rebecca gained a love for fitness. After a few years of hardcore training, she entered her first bikini competition at the age of 19 and later earned her Pro Card at the young age of twenty-one. Since then, Rebecca has entered and won several bikini competitions. She currently has over 480,000 followers on Instagram.

American fitness model isabella Buscemi from Los Angeles, California United States

11.Isabella Buscemi

Height: 5′ 5"
Nationality: AMERICAN

Isabella Buscemi also known as Miss Buscemi is a model from Los Angeles, California. She began her modeling career as a commercial model. Unhappy with making ten dollars a day, Isabella decided to get breast augmentation, which she paid 4700.00 to have done and a nose reduction that was 3500. These cosmetic changes changed her modeling career for the better. After plastic surgery, she got an offer of 4000.00 for a sponsored post on her social media platform. As a full time, student at University of California, Los Angeles and currently the at the Florida International University studying early childhood education. Isabella built her acquired her social media followers by posting sexy, but classy photos and videos wearing skimpy swimsuits and lingerie. Her popularity attracted magazine like Skyn, Voyage Mia, Skybox and NUVU. Isabella has also entered and won many prestigious modeling competitions around the world. She currently has acquired more than 2.4million followers on Instagram.

Spanish fitness model Neiva Mara from Valencia, Spain


Born: MAY 2, 1986 (AGE 34 YEARS), Valencia, Spain
Height: 5′ 4"
Nationality: SPANISH

Neiva Mara is a Spanish fitness model, businesswoman and Istagram Star from Valencia, Spain. She is famous for posting sexy photos and video of her wearing bikinis and erotic attire featuring mostly her backside. In 2015 and unhappy with how she looked, Neiva began her fitness journey, sharing her experience with her followers on social media. Her workouts consist of mostly lower body exercised like squats, hamstring kickbacks and lunges. She also does regular regiment of cardio that is mainly resistance training, jogging and bodyweight exercises. Neiva achieved her physique in only two years. Her social media post of her journey went viral and attracted a lot of attention. She began to get contacted by sponsors. Neiva recently started her own clothing line named "Deporlovers", currently it consists of fitness and nutrition plans, supplements, t-shirts, hoodies and other fitness related products. These items are available at Neiva has achieved an impressive 6.5 million plus followers on Instagram, which make her Instagram post very valuable to her sponsors. She gets paid anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 a post currently. She is also one of the most popular models for Fashion Nova.

American fitness model Lisa Morales from Miami, Florida, United States

13.Lisa Morales

Height: 5′ 3"
Nationality: CUBAN

Lisa Morales also known as Romeo, is an American fitness model, philanthropist, television personality and sponsored athlete of Cuban decent, from Miami, Florida. She began her modeling career at the young age of fifteen. She rose to fame in her craft very quickly. By the time Lisa was nineteen, she acquired a speaking role on a national TV show, Caliente, on Univision, the biggest Spanish Network in the world. Before modeling, she worked as a store manager for Aldo. Lisa excelled as a store manager as well. After just one year as a manager, she won best rookie manager and promoted to the highest volume store in the United States. She was also flown to Canada to meet Aldo personally at just twenty years of age. Lisa has been featured on the cover of magazines like Maxim, Nine5four and Train. Her popularity has amassed an Instagram following of more than 2.2million.

14.Laura Ivette

Born: APRIL 14, 1990 (AGE 30 YEARS), Dominican Republic
Height: 5′ 6"
Nationality: DOMINICAN

Laura Ivette is a Dominican is fitness model, WBFF Diva, bikini competitor, radio host and ambassador from the Dominican Republic. She began her fitness journey in 2012, when she became disappointed with her physique. Laura's lack of time due to an ambitious school and busy work schedule, led her to a poor diet. While attending school and studying Biomedical Science, of which she earned a Master's Degree, she began to diet and go to the gym. After graduating college, Laura joined a gym and focused more on what she ate. She later hired a nutritionist and personal trainer to help her achieve her goals. Laura had a friend who competed in fitness competitions. She was impressed, and decided that she wanted to try it as well. Laura contacted her friend to get some pointers on what she should do to compete herself. Her hard work and dedication paid off, when she finished 5th in her first competition, in 2014. She became one of the most sought-after fitness models in the industry.

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